Wool Marketing Act, 1968

Establishment of An Chomhairle Olla.

12.—(1) On the establishment day there shall be established a body to be known as An Chomhairle Olla (in this Act referred to as An Chomhairle) to perform the functions assigned to it by this Act.

(2) An Chomhairle shall consist of a chairman and either ten other members, or the number of other members specified in an order under this section and for the time being in force.

(3) The Minister may by order specify the number of members other than the chairman of which An Chomhairle shall partly consist, provided that in no case shall the number of such members so specified be less than six.

(4) The provisions of the Schedule to this Act shall have effect with respect to An Chomhairle.

(5) The Minister may by order revoke or, subject to the proviso contained in subsection (3), amend an order under this section (including an order under this subsection).