Income Tax Act, 1967.

Power to issue precepts.

422.—(1) Where notice of appeal has been given against an assessment, the Special Commissioners may, whenever it appears to them to be necessary for the purposes of this Act, issue a precept to the appellant ordering him to deliver to them, within the time limited by the precept, a schedule containing such particulars, for their information, as they may demand under the authority of this Act respecting—

(a) the property of the appellant; or

(b) the trade, profession or employment carried on or exercised by him; or

(c) the amount of his profits or gains, distinguishing the particular amounts derived from each separate source; or

(d) any deductions made in arriving at his profits or gains.

(2) The Special Commissioners may issue further precepts whenever they consider it necessary for the purposes aforesaid, until complete particulars have been furnished to their satisfaction.

(3) A precept may be issued by one Special Commissioner.

(4) A person to whom a precept is issued shall deliver the schedule required, within the time limited.

(5) Any inspector may, at all reasonable times, inspect and take copies of, or extracts from, any schedule.