Income Tax Act, 1967.

Exemption where total income does not exceed £240, and marginal relief.

144.—(1) (a) Any individual who, in the manner prescribed by this Act, makes a claim in that behalf, makes a return in the prescribed form of his total income, and proves that his total income for the year of assessment does not exceed £240 shall be entitled to exemption from income tax.

(b) Any individual who would, but for the fact that his total income exceeds £240, be entitled to exemption as provided in paragraph (a), shall be entitled to have the amount of income tax payable in respect of his total income, if that amount would but for the provisions of this paragraph exceed a sum equal to three-fifths of the amount by which his total income exceeds £240, reduced to that sum.

(2) The provisions of Schedule 4 and of paragraph IX of Schedule 18 shall, with any necessary modifications, apply in relation to exemptions from or reductions of tax under this section.

(3) In this section “total income” means a total income from all sources as estimated in accordance with the provisions of this Act.