Landlord and Tenant (Ground Rents) Act, 1967

Variation of certain covenants to insure with particular insurer.

30.—Where a lessee under a building or proprietary lease is, by virtue of a covenant, condition or agreement (whether contained in the lease or in an ancillary or collateral agreement, not being a mortgage), required to effect a contract of insurance in relation to a building or buildings on the land demised by the lease with a specified insurer or an insurer selected or approved of either by the lessor under the lease or another person or through a specified agent, or an agent selected or approved of either by the said lessor or another person, the covenant, condition or agreement shall be construed and have effect as if it were a covenant, condition or agreement requiring the lessee to effect such contract of insurance, either directly or through any agent, as the case may be, with any insurer who is for the time being the holder of an assurance licence granted under the Insurance Act, 1936 .