Redundancy Payments Act, 1967

Rebates to employers from the Redundancy Fund.

29.—(1) Subject to this Part the Minister shall make from the Redundancy Fund a payment to an employer of such sum (in this Part referred to as a rebate) as is equivalent in amount to one-half of each lump sum paid by that employer under section 19.

(2) An employer who gives to the Minister a copy of a notice under section 17 on a date which is three weeks or more before the date of dismissal shall be entitled to a rebate of an amount equal to one-half of the lump sum concerned increased by 2½ per cent. of the lump sum for each week's notice in excess of the period required by section 17; provided that a rebate shall not in any case exceed such sum as is equivalent in amount to 65 per cent. of the relevant lump sum paid by the employer under section 19.

(3) Notwithstanding subsection (1), whenever an employer fails to comply with any provision of section 17, the Minister may at his discretion reduce the amount of the rebate payable in respect of the lump sum paid under section 19 to that employer: provided that the amount of the rebate when so reduced shall not be less than 40 per cent. of the amount of the lump sum.

(4) Where, in a case falling within section 32 (1) (a), the Minister makes a payment under that section to an employee and it appears to the Minister that the refusal or failure of the employer was without reasonable excuse, the Minister may either withhold the rebate to which that employer would otherwise have been entitled or reduce the amount of that rebate to such extent as the Minister thinks appropriate.