Diseases of Animals Act, 1966

Prevention of sheep scab.

35.—(1) The Minister may make orders—

(a) prescribing, regulating and securing the periodical treatment of all sheep by effective dipping or by the use of some other remedy for sheep scab;

(b) prescribing and regulating the mode of such treatment;

(c) providing that only such dips or other remedies as are approved by the Minister may be used for the purpose of this section.

(2) An inspector of the Minister and, if so authorised by order of the Minister, an inspector of a local authority, may subject to the directions of the authority appointing the inspector, and for the purposes of any order under subsection (1), enter any premises and examine any sheep thereon.

(3) The owner and the person in charge of any sheep shall comply with all reasonable requirements of the inspector as to the collection and penning of the sheep and afford all other reasonable facilities for the examination of the sheep by the inspector.

(4) A local authority may provide, fit up and maintain portable dipping tanks or, with the sanction of the Minister, dipping places, and afford the use thereof, and of all necessary appliances and materials in connection therewith, to the public upon such terms and conditions as the local authority may think fit, and any sums received by a local authority for such use shall be applied by them towards the discharge of their expenses under this Act.

(5) No dipping place shall be used for the purposes of this section if such use would injuriously affect the water in any stream, reservoir, aquaduct, well, pond or other place constructed or used for the supply of water for drinking or other domestic purposes.