Diseases of Animals Act, 1966

Import of animals poultry, etc.

30.—(1) The Minister may make orders—

(a) prohibiting, except under licence, or regulating the importation or landing or bringing into a port or aerodrome in the State of animals or poultry or of any specified kind of animal or poultry or of carcases, eggs, animal or poultry products (including products made from or containing animal or poultry products, carcases or eggs), fodder, litter, dung, or other thing, either generally or from any specified country or part of any such country;

(b) requiring and regulating the disinfection of persons entering the State, of their clothing and baggage and the giving of such information concerning their occupation and previous movements as the Minister may reasonably require.

(2) Whenever any animals, poultry, eggs or other articles of whatsoever kind are imported or landed or brought into a port or aerodrome in the State in contravention of an order under this Act, an officer of Customs and Excise or an inspector may require any person (being the importer or the carrier concerned) to export such animals, poultry, eggs or other articles within a specified time, and if such person fails to comply with such requisition he shall be guilty of an offence and the animals and poultry shall be slaughtered and the articles destroyed unless the Minister otherwise directs.