Diseases of Animals Act, 1966

Slaughter of diseased animals and compensation.

17.—(1) The Minister may cause to be slaughtered—

(a) any animals or poultry affected with any Class A disease or suspected of being so affected, and

(b) any animals or poultry which are or have been in the same field, shed or other place, or in the same herd or flock or otherwise in contact with animals or birds so affected or suspected of being so affected, or which appear to the Minister to have been in any way exposed to the infection concerned.

(2) The Minister shall, subject to section 58, pay compensation for animals and poultry (other than a dog or a cat affected or suspected of being affected with rabies) which have been slaughtered under this section or which have been directed to be slaughtered but die before they can be slaughtered and also for carcases and eggs (other than eggs of pigeons, doves, peafowl, swans or birds of the species psittaciformes) which, consequent upon an outbreak or suspected outbreak of disease, have been destroyed on behalf of the Minister.

(3) The Minister may reserve for observation, treatment or testing, an animal or bird liable to be slaughtered under this Act at the direction of the Minister but subject to payment of compensation by the Minister as in the case of actual slaughter.