Diseases of Animals Act, 1966


Purposes for which orders may be made by the Minister under section 13.

Section 13 .

1. Securing and regulating effective isolation on land or premises and prohibition or restriction of movement into or out of land or premises or part thereof of animals or poultry affected or suspected of being affected or capable of infecting animals or poultry with a disease.

2. Securing and regulating the cleansing and disinfection of premises and removal therefrom and subsequent disposal of dung, litter, fodder or any other thing, and exclusion of any animals and birds therefrom.

3. Securing and regulating the cleansing and disinfection of vehicles, places, pens, fittings and receptacles used for animals and poultry.

4. Securing and regulating repair or reconstruction of houses used for the housing of animals and poultry, or of boundary fences.

5. Prescribing modes of cleansing and disinfection.

6. Prescribing and regulating the marking of animals and poultry and prohibition of effacement, obliteration, alteration or removal of any such marking.

7. Prescribing and regulating the seizure, detention and disposal of diseased or suspected animals or poultry, carcases or eggs exposed, carried, kept or otherwise dealt with in contravention of an order of the Minister; and for prescribing the liability of the owner or consignor or consignee of any such animals, poultry, carcases or eggs in the matter of the expenses connected with the seizure, detention or disposal thereof.

8. Securing a proper supply of water and food to animals and poultry during any detention thereof.

9. Prescribing and regulating the destruction, burial, disposal, or treatment of carcases of animals and poultry dying while diseased or suspected, or slaughtered by or on behalf of the Minister or a local authority and of the carcases of animals, poultry and (as the case may be) eggs or animals or poultry which had been in contact with such carcases.

10. Prohibiting or regulating the digging up of carcases which have been buried.

11. Prescribing and regulating the disinfection of the clothes of persons coming in contact with or employed about diseased or suspected animals or poultry and the use of precautions against the spreading of disease by such persons.

12. Prohibiting or regulating or restricting the sale, use or movement of any kind of fodder, litter or other material whereby disease might be spread.

13. Prescribing and regulating the treatment of diseased or suspected animals or poultry, or animals or poultry which appear to the Minister to be in any way exposed to the infection of disease.

14. Prohibiting the exposure for public sale or exhibition or the export of diseased or suspected animals or birds except under and in accordance with a licence.

15. Prescribing and regulating the treatment to be applied in relation to any land (including ponds, streams or watercourses thereon or adjacent thereto) for the purpose of preventing or checking the spread of disease or of eradicating disease.

16. Requiring, prescribing and regulating the taking from animals and poultry or any particular categories of animals and poultry of samples, as appropriate of blood, urine, faeces, or other bodily discharges, semen, saliva, milk, eggs, hair, wool, fur, feathers, mucus, skin or other tissue and, in the case of carcases of animals or poultry, the taking of samples from such carcases and the subjection of any samples so taken to such tests as may be necessary to establish or confirm the existence of disease, and the submission of reports on such tests.

17. Requiring, prescribing, regulating and prohibiting the application to or the injection into animals and poultry of any substance with a view to the carrying out of such tests as may be necessary to establish or confirm the existence of disease and the submission of reports on such tests.

18. Requiring, specifying or regulating any other tests of animals and poultry for the purpose of establishing or confirming the existence of disease.

19. Prohibiting, except with the consent of the Minister, tests of animals and poultry, other than such tests as are prescribed, specified or regulated by an order of the Minister.

20. Requiring, specifying, regulating and prohibiting (except with the consent of the Minister) the treatment of animals or poultry with serum or vaccine.

21. Prescribing in relation to any particular disease, that persons may not engage in the business of dealing in animals or poultry unless authorised by a licence issued in that behalf by the Minister and subject to such conditions as may be set out in such licence.

22. Purposes ancillary or incidental to any of the foregoing purposes.