Merchant Shipping Act, 1966

Notice of alterations and additional surveys.

5.—(1) The duty of the owner or master of a ship under section 25 (2) of the Act of 1952 to notify alterations and renewals shall extend, in relation to any ship in respect of which a certificate under section 4 of this Act is in force, to the hull, machinery and any equipment other than that mentioned in that subsection, but may, if the certificate was issued by a person authorised under the said section 4, be discharged by notifying him instead of the Minister.

(2) Subsection (4) of the said section 25 (additional survey and cancellation of certificates) shall have effect, in relation to any such ship, as if—

(a) paragraph (a) thereof extended to any alteration or renewal which is notifiable by virtue of this section; and

(b) paragraph (b) and not paragraph (c) thereof were applicable, notwithstanding that the ship is not a passenger steamer;

and the power of the Minister under that subsection to cancel such a certificate shall be exercisable also where the ship has not been submitted for survey as required by the cargo ship construction and survey rules.