Social Welfare (Occupational Injuries) Act, 1966

Death benefit—increase of pension of widow or widower for child or children qualified for purposes of this Act.

19.—The weekly rate of a pension under section 17 or section 18 of this Act shall be increased by thirteen shillings in respect of a child qualified for the purposes of this Act or each of two children so qualified who normally resides or reside with the beneficiary and who—

(a) normally resided with the beneficiary or the deceased immediately before the death of the deceased, or

(b) being a child, grand-child or step-child, or children, grand-children or step-children, of the deceased or of the beneficiary, became normally resident with the beneficiary subsequent to the death of the deceased, or

(c) was or were adopted by the beneficiary pursuant to the provisions of the Adoption Acts, 1952 and 1964, subsequent to the death of the deceased,

and, in addition, where there are more than two such children, by eight shillings in respect of each such child in excess of two.