Social Welfare (Occupational Injuries) Act, 1966

Adjustments for successive accidents.

15.—(1) Where a person suffers two or more successive accidents against which he is insured by occupational injuries insurance—

(a) the person shall not for the same period be entitled (apart from any increase of benefit such as is mentioned in the next subsection) to receive benefit, either by way of injury benefit and any disablement pension or pensions or by way of two or more disablement pensions, at an aggregate weekly rate exceeding—

(i) in case the person is—

(I) under the age of eighteen years, or

(II) being over the age of eighteen years, a married woman other than a married woman living apart from and unable to obtain any financial assistance from her husband,

and, if injury benefit is payable, is not entitled to an increase of benefit in respect of a child qualified for the purposes of this Act or children so qualified or for an adult dependant or, if disablement pensions are payable, would not be so entitled if injury benefit rather than disablement pensions were payable—seventy-seven shillings and sixpence, and

(ii) in any other case—one hundred and fifteen shillings,

(b) the provision of this Act excluding the right to injury benefit for the first three days of incapacity resulting from the relevant accident unless there are twelve such days during the injury benefit period shall, in relation to two or more accidents happening at intervals not greater than thirteen weeks as the result of each of which the person is incapable of work on some day during its injury benefit period, apply so as to permit of there being taken into account, for the purpose of making up the said twelve days in the case of each of those accidents, any days which may be so taken into account in the case of any other of them,

(c) regulations may provide for adjusting—

(i) injury benefit or disablement benefit, or the conditions for the receipt thereof, in any case where the person has received or may be entitled to a disablement gratuity,

(ii) any increase of benefit such as is mentioned in the next subsection, or the conditions for the receipt thereof.

(2) The increases of benefit referred to in the foregoing subsection are increases in the rate of injury benefit or of disablement pension under sections 10 , 11 , 12 and 13 of this Act.