Social Welfare (Occupational Injuries) Act, 1966

Increase of disablement benefit during approved hospital treatment.

14.—Where a person is awarded disablement benefit, but the extent of his disablement is assessed for the period taken into account by the assessment at less than one hundred per cent., it shall be treated as assessed at one hundred per cent. for any part of that period during which he receives approved hospital treatment (whether before or after the making of the assessment or the award of the benefit):

Provided that, where the extent of the disablement is so assessed at less than twenty per cent., this section shall not affect the operation of the provisions relating to disablement gratuities, but, in the case of a disablement pension payable by virtue of this section to a person awarded a disablement gratuity wholly or partly in respect of the same period, the weekly rate of the pension (after allowing for any increase provided for by this Act) shall be reduced by the amount prescribed as being the weekly value of his gratuity.