S.I. No. 163/1965 - The Solicitors Accounts (Amendment) Regulations 1965.

S.I. No. 163 of 1965.


The Incorporated Law Society of Ireland in exercise of the powers conferred on them by sections 4 , 5 , 66 and 71 of the Solicitors Act 1954 and of every other power thereunto them enabling and with the concurrence of the President of the High Court hereby make the following regulations.

1. These regulations amy be cited as the Solicitors' Accounts (Amendment) Regulations 1965 and shall come into operation on the 22nd day of July 1965 and shall be read as one with the Solicitors' Accounts Regulations 1955 to 1961 and shall so far as they are inconsistent therewith alter and amend the same.

In these regulations the term "the Principal Regulations" means the Solicitors' Accounts Regulations 1955 ( S.I. No. 218 of 1955 ).

2. The Solicitors' Accounts Reguiations 1955 to 1961 and these regulations may be cited together as the Solicitors' Accounts Regulations 1955 to 1965.

3. The Interpretation Act 1937 applies to these regulations in the same manner as it applies to an Act of the Oireachtas except in so far as it may be inconsistent with the Solicitors Acts 1954 and 1960 or these regulations.

4.—(1) Regulation 2 of the Principal Regulations shall be amended by the insertion of the following clause immediately after the definition of the term "Accountant".

"Bank" means any of the banks mentioned in the Schedule hereto.

(2) The following Schedule is hereby inserted after regulation 16 of the Principal Regulations.


The Bank of Ireland.

The National City Bank Ltd.

Guinness and Mahon.

The Northern Bank Ltd.

The Hibernian Bank Ltd.

The Provincial Bank of Ireland Ltd.

The Munster and Leinster Bank Ltd.

The Royal Bank of Ireland Ltd.

The National Bank Ltd.

The Ulster Bank Ltd.

Signed on behalf of the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland this 22nd day of July, 1965.


President of the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland.

I concur in the making of the above Regulations.


President of the High Court.


The term "bank "is not defined in the Solicitors Acts 1954-60 or in the Solicitors' Accounts Regulations 1954-61. As defined in these regulations it will mean any of the associated banks named by the Central Bank Act 1942 together with Messrs Guinness and Mahon and the National City Bank Ltd.