Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Electricity and electrical apparatus.

65.—(1) Regulations may provide for—

(a) the generation, storage, transformation, transmission and use of electricity at mines;

(b) the use, construction, installation, examination, repair, maintenance, alteration, adjustment and testing of electrical apparatus and electric cables at mines;

(c) requiring that, where the amount of inflammable gas in the general body of the air in a part of a mine below ground exceeds a prescribed percentage (not being more than one and a quarter) by volume, the supply of electricity to all apparatus, other than prescribed apparatus, shall be cut off;

(d) requiring the cutting off, in such other circumstances as may be prescribed, of the supply of electricity to apparatus below ground in a mine.

(2) If an inspector is of opinion that the use of electricity below ground in a mine or in any part of it below ground would or might involve substantial risk of an explosion of gas or dust, he may serve on the manager of the mine a notice prohibiting, or restricting to a specified extent, the use of electricity below ground in that mine or part.

(3) The provisions of section 146 as to references upon notices served by inspectors shall apply to a notice served under this section; and any such notice shall, if it is so specified therein, become operative forthwith.

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