Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Power of inspector to require improvement of ventilation.

58.—(1) If an inspector is of opinion that, in the interests of the safety or health of the persons employed, it is necessary or expedient to improve the ventilation produced in any part of a mine that is, by section 56 required to be ventilated, he may serve on the manager of the mine a notice requiring (according as may be specified in the notice) either—

(a) that ventilation which, after the expiration of a specified period is produced in that part of the mine in pursuance of the said section, must conform to specified requirements, or

(b) that such works for the purpose of improving the ventilation in that part of the mine as may be specified in the notice shall be executed before the expiration of that period.

(2) The provisions of section 146 with respect to references upon notices served by inspectors shall apply to a notice served under this section.