Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Supply of materials for support.

52.—(1) Subject to any prescribed exceptions, all materials for support shall be provided by the owner of the mine.

(2) No charge shall be levied upon any workman in respect of the provision of materials for support.

(3) It shall be the duty of the manager of every mine to secure that a sufficient supply of suitable materials for support is at all times readily available, for use at the place where he is actually working, to each workman who needs them.

(4) Where such a supply is not so available, the workman shall withdraw to a place of safety and forthwith report to an official of the mine that he has done so.

(5) Where it appears to the person for the time being in charge of a part of a mine that such supply is not so available to a workman employed there, that person shall cause the workman to withdraw to a place of safety.

(6) Where, on any occasion, a workman has, in pursuance of either of the foregoing subsections, withdrawn from the place where he was actually working, the person for the time being in charge of that part of the mine shall not permit the workman to return to it until that person is satisfied that such a supply of materials will be so available.