Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Systematic support in mines of coal and other stratified minerals.

50.—(1) Subject to this section, in every mine of coal or other stratified mineral there shall be provided and maintained systematic support for the roof and sides of—

(a) every place where any mineral is worked;

(b) every roadhead;

(c) every junction of two or more lengths of road through any one of which vehicles or a conveyor run or runs; and

(d) every length of road in which persons work otherwise than occasionally or for short periods.

(2) (a) If an inspector is of opinion that systematic support for the roof and sides (or either of them) of any other length of road in any such mine ought to be provided and maintained, he may serve on the manager a notice specifying the length of road, stating his opinion and requiring the provision, before the expiration of a specified period, and maintenance of such systematic support.

(b) The provisions of section 146 as to references upon notices served by inspectors shall apply to a notice served under this subsection.

(3) Regulations may require or empower inspectors to require systematic support for roofs or sides, or both, to be provided and maintained in mines of a class to which this section relates in such cases (not being cases falling within subsection (1)) and to such extent as may be prescribed.

(4) Regulations may provide for exempting from this section any prescribed class of mine or any prescribed class of place where mineral is worked, or of roadheads, junctions or roads, and an inspector may, by notice served on the manager of a particular mine, exempt from this section that mine or any such place, roadhead, junction or road therein.

(5) Such systematic support as is required under this section shall comply with a system specified in support rules being a system consistent with the proper control of movement of the strata in the mine.

(6) Nothing in this section shall be construed as preventing a workman from setting in his working place any additional support which he considers necessary to secure the safety of himself or another.