Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Transport rules and regulations.

39.—(1) The manager of every mine shall make rules (in this section referred to as “transport rules”)—

(a) specifying the maximum loads (by reference to weight, dimensions, number or other criteria) that may be carried in vehicles in any length of road in the mine and the maximum number of vehicles (according as to whether they are loaded or unloaded) that may be coupled together to run as a set or train in any length of road in the mine,

(b) specifying the maximum speeds at which vehicles may run in any length of road in the mine, and

(c) prohibiting the conveyance in roads in the mine of persons in vehicles or on conveyors except in such circumstances and in accordance with such conditions, if any, as may be specified in the rules and specifying precautions to be observed when persons are so conveyed,

and may make such other rules as he thinks proper with respect to the use of vehicles and conveyors in the mine and the conditions under which they may be used.

(2) (a) If an inspector is of opinion that transport rules require modification in any particular, he may serve on the manager of the mine a notice specifying the modification that, in his opinion, ought to be made, and requiring the manager, within a specified time, to modify the rules in accordance with the tenor of the notice.

(b) The provisions of section 146 as to references upon notices served by inspectors shall apply to a notice under this subsection.

(3) A transport rule which is inconsistent with the provisions of any regulation shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be of no effect.

(4) Regulations may require the provision of facilities for the carriage of persons through travelling roads in the interests of safety or to avoid excessive fatigue.