Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Safety precautions with respect to entrances to shafts, staple-pits and outlets.

35.—(1) The surface entrance to every mine shaft and every other entrance thereto (whether above or below ground), and every entrance to every staple-pit, shall be provided with an efficient enclosure or barrier so designed and constructed as to prevent any person from accidentally falling down the shaft or staple-pit or accidentally coming into contact with a moving part of any winding apparatus with which the shaft or staple-pit is provided.

(2) Every enclosure or barrier shall be properly maintained and, where it or any part of it is removable or openable, the enclosure, barrier or part shall be kept securely in position or, as the case may be, securely closed save in so far as its removal or opening is necessary for the purpose of the use of the shaft or staple-pit, or the doing of work in, or the inspection of, or of anything in, the shaft or staple-pit.

(3) Regulations may require such steps as may be prescribed to be taken for the purpose of preventing persons from accidentally entering outlets at mines or from accidentally coming into contact with moving parts of any apparatus therein.

(4) For the purposes of this section so much of any superstructure provided at the top of a shaft as forms an extension thereof shall be deemed to form part of the shaft.

(5) this section shall not apply to a shaft or outlet of, or staple-pit in, an abandoned mine or a mine which has not been worked for a period of twelve months, but, save as aforesaid, shall apply as well to shafts, outlets and staple-pits which are not in use as to shafts, outlets and staple-pits which are in use.