Mines and Quarries Act, 1965


Safety, Health and Welfare (Mines)

Shafts and Entrances

Requirements as to shafts and outlets: mines of coal and other stratified minerals.

32.—(1) There must be in every mine of coal or other stratified mineral at least two shafts or outlets, with which every seam for the time being at work in the mine shall have a communication, so that such shafts or outlets shall afford separate means of ingress and egress available to the persons employed in every such seam, whether the shafts or outlets belong to the same mine or to more than one mine.

(2) Such two shafts or outlets must not at any point be nearer to one another than fifteen yards, and there shall be between them a communication not less than four feet wide and four feet high.

(3) Every part of the mine in which ten or more persons are employed at the same time shall be provided with at least two ways affording means of egress to the surface, and so arranged that, in the event of either becoming impassable at any point, the other will afford means of egress to the surface.

(4) No person shall be precluded by any agreement from doing such acts as may be necessary for complying with the foregoing provisions of this section, or be liable under any contract to any injunction, damages, penalty, or forfeiture for doing such acts as may be necessary in order to comply therewith.

(5) Regulations may provide that this section shall, with such exceptions, modifications and adaptations as may be prescribed, apply to any other class of mine.

(6) Regulations may provide such further safeguards as the Minister may think proper to secure safe ingress and egress, including requirements as to the communications to be provided and maintained between shafts and outlets and limitations on the number of persons to be employed at any time in a place below ground from which there are not two separate, convenient and safe ways each leading to a different shaft or outlet.

(7) Provision may be made by regulations or by a notice served by the Minister or an inspector on the owner of a mine for exempting the mine or any specified place therein from all or any of the requirements of this section or of regulations made thereunder.