Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Rights of quarry manager with respect to instructions given by or on behalf of owner.

26.—(1) Any instructions given to the manager of a quarry by or on behalf of the owner, affecting the fulfilment by the manager of his statutory responsibilities shall, so far as they are not written, be confirmed in writing by the person by whom they were given forthwith on the request of the manager.

(2) Except in a case of emergency, neither the owner of a quarry nor a person acting on his behalf shall, except with the consent of the manager, give, otherwise than through the manager, to a person employed at the quarry who is responsible to the manager, any instructions affecting the discharge of that person's duties in relation to a matter over which the management and control vested in the manager by section 24 extends.

(3) Where, in any excepted case, the owner or a person acting on his behalf gives instructions which would otherwise be required to be given through the manager, the person who gave the instructions shall forthwith inform the manager of the substance thereof and, on the request of the manager, confirm them in writing forthwith.