Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Appointment, and general duties and powers, of mine managers.

13.—(1) Subject to this Part, no mine shall be worked unless there is a sole manager of the mine, being an individual duly appointed and having such qualifications as are required under this Part.

(2) The manager of a mine shall have the management and control of the mine, exercisable subject to any instructions given to him by or on behalf of the owner, and shall also—

(a) have the duty of securing the discharge by all others of obligations imposed on them with respect to the mine under this Act, and

(b) have such duties with respect to the appointment of persons to carry out inspections of the mine and to be in charge of, or to supervise or conduct, operations thereat, and such other duties, and such powers, as are imposed or conferred on him under this Act.

(3) It shall be the duty of the manager of every mine, with respect to each report, record or other item of information which, in pursuance of this Act or regulations, is entered in a book which by or by virtue of this Act is required to be provided for that purpose by the owner of the mine, either to read it himself forthwith or to secure that it is read forthwith by some other competent person and that there is promptly brought to his notice any matter disclosed by the report, record or other item of information which either is of an abnormal or unusual nature as regards the mine or, not being of such a nature, is of a kind which will or may necessitate the taking of any steps by the manager or any other person.

(4) The manager of a mine shall be appointed by the owner who, if an individual, may appoint himself subject, in the case of a mine whereof the manager is under this Part required to hold qualifications for his office, to the possession by the owner of those qualifications.