Mines and Quarries Act, 1965

Posting of notices.

123.—(1) At all times at which persons are employed at a mine or quarry there shall be kept posted thereat a notice of the name of the mine or quarry, the name and address of the owner and the name of the manager.

(2) Where, in the case of a mine or quarry,—

(a) regulations affecting it are made, or

(b) a notice is served under this Act by an inspector on the responsible person,

notice of the making of the regulations or of the service of the notice shall be kept posted at the mine or quarry at all times during a prescribed period.

(3) All notices to which this section relates shall be posted in such characters and in such positions as to be easily seen and read by the persons employed, and if a form is specified by the Minister for any such notice, it shall be posted in that form.

(4) It shall be the duty of the manager to keep, at the mine or quarry, copies of this Act and of any orders, regulations and rules affecting the mine or quarry and to permit persons employed to read them at all reasonable times.