Extradition Act, 1965

Lapse of time before delivery of arrested person.

48.—(1) A person to whom an order under section 47 relates shall not, except with his consent given before a justice of the District Court or a peace commissioner, be delivered up under the order until the expiration of fifteen days from the date of the order.

(2) If within that period an application is made by him or on his behalf for an order of habeas corpus or for his release under section 50, he shall not be delivered up while the application is pending.

(3) The Court, on making an order under section 47, shall inform the person to whom it relates of his right to make such application and that he will not be delivered up during the said period of fifteen days, except with his consent, or while any such application is pending.

(4) An application made to the High Court shall be treated as pending until any appeal in the proceedings is disposed of, and an appeal shall be treated as disposed of at the expiration of the time for appeal if no appeal is brought.