Extradition Act, 1965

Proceedings before District Court.

47.—(1) Where a person named or described in a warrant is before the District Court in pursuance of this Part that Court shall, subject to the provisions of this Part, make an order for his delivery at some convenient point of departure from the State into the custody of a member of a police force of the place in which the warrant has been issued, for conveyance to that place, and remand him until so delivered.

(2) An order shall not be made under subsection (1) if it appears to the Court that the offence specified in the warrant does not correspond with any offence under the law of the State which is an indictable offence or is punishable on summary conviction by imprisonment for a maximum period of at least six months.

(3) In any case where the Court does not make an order under subsection (1), the Court shall order the person named or described in the warrant to be discharged.

(4) The Court shall have the same powers of adjournment and remand as if the person concerned were brought before the Court charged with an indictable offence.

(5) No appeal shall lie to the Circuit Court against an order of the Court under this section.