Pensions (Increase) Act, 1964

Amount to be reckoned in respect of emoluments and provision for case of surrender to provide pension for wife or dependant.

19.—(1) Where emoluments other than salary or weekly pay have been reckoned for a pension which—

(a) is to be increased under section 17 or section 18 of this Act, or

(b) is a pension granted in respect of service which ended within the period of three years commencing on the specified date which would have been increased under section 17 of this Act if the service in respect of which it was granted had ended before the specified date,

the Minister, if he so thinks fit, may determine a revised amount of emoluments in relation to the pension, subject to a maximum of the amount produced if the emoluments were valued by reference to the rates appropriate to the emoluments on the specified date, and, if the Minister so determines, the pension shall be recalculated by reference to the revised amount of the emoluments.

(2) Where a person has surrendered part of a pension referred to in section 17 or section 18 of this Act to provide a pension for a wife or dependant, any pension actually payable to him or to the wife or dependant shall be increased by a percentage equivalent to the percentage by which the pension before the surrender would have been increased if it had been in course of payment on the 1st day of November, 1963, and had been increased as from that date under section 17 , section 18 or section 19 (as may be appropriate) of this Act.