Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Act, 1962

Provision of moneys for electricity distribution systems in non-electrified rural areas.

4.—(1) The Minister for Finance may, on the recommendation of the Minister, advance to the Board, as and when requested by the Board to do so, the whole of the capital expenditure of the Board in the provision and installation of systems of distribution for electricity at ten thousand volts in rural areas which have not been, and, but for the advances provided for under this section, would not be, electrified by the Board until, but only until, the total of such expenditure of the Board amounts to the sum of ninety thousand pounds.

(2) All moneys advanced to the Board under the foregoing subsection of this section shall be issued from and paid out of the Central Fund or the growing produce thereof.

(3) The moneys advanced to the Board under this section by the Minister for Finance shall be repaid to the Central Fund out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas at such time or times as the Minister for Finance shall direct.