Army Pensions Act, 1962


Section 7 .

1. Widow

24s. 6d. per week during widowhood.

2. Widow

Gratuity of £86 on first remarriage.

3. Children who are, in the case of sons, under the age of 18, and in the case of daughters, unmarried and under the age of 18.

(a) while mother is living, 9s. 3d. per week for each child,

(b) after death of mother, 18s. 3d. per week for each child.

4. Children over the age of 11 and under the age of 18.

Repayment of amount proved to have been in fact necessarily and properly expended in educational fees but not exceeding £60 in any one calendar year in respect of any one child. This allowance is additional to the allowance stated in paragraph 3.