Foyle Fisheries (Amendment) Act, 1961


2.—(1) The following definitions shall be included, in appropriate alphabetical order, amongst the definitions in section 2 of the Principal Act:

“deleterious matter” means any substance (including an explosive) the entry or discharge of which into any waters is liable to render those or any other waters poisonous or injurious to fish, spawning grounds or the food of any fish or to injure fish in their value as human food or to impair the usefulness of the bed and soil of any waters as spawning grounds or their capacity to produce the food of fish;

“fish” includes spawn and fry;

“the Minister” means the Minister for Lands;

“substance” includes any liquid or gas;

“waters” includes any river, watercourse or part of the sea.

(2) The definition of “the Minister” in section 2 of the Principal Act shall be deleted.