Derelict Sites Act, 1961

Appeal against notice under section 3.

5.—(1) Any person aggrieved by a notice under section 3 of this Act may, within one month after the date of the giving of the notice, appeal to the Minister and no proceedings shall be taken by the local authority by whom the notice was given to enforce the notice before the appeal has been determined.

(2) In an appeal to the Minister under this section, the Minister may, as he thinks fit, either confirm with or without modification or annul the notice against which the appeal is brought.

(3) An appeal to the Minister under this section may be withdrawn by the person appealing by notice in writing sent to the Minister and, for the purposes of this Act, the withdrawal of an appeal shall be deemed to be the determination thereof, and shall have the same effect as a confirmation by the Minister of the notice appealed against.