Derelict Sites Act, 1961

Power of local authority to require owner to carry out works on derelict site.

3.—(1) Where a local authority are of opinion that any land situate in their functional area is a derelict site, they may, if they so think fit, give the owner who occupies or is entitled to occupy the land or from whom the land is held by a person who is not the owner thereof a notice in the prescribed form requiring him within such reasonable time, not being less than one month, as may be specified in the notice, to carry out such works specified in the notice as will, in the opinion of the local authority, prevent the land from being or becoming again a derelict site and the owner, his servants and agents may enter the land and do the work required to be done by the notice, or by the notice as confirmed by the Minister, as the case may be.

(2) A notice under this section shall include an estimate of the cost of the works specified in the notice.

(3) Whenever a local authority give a notice under this section to any person, the local authority shall, within fourteen days after giving the notice to the person, post a copy of the notice on or near the land to which the notice relates.

(4) The estimate referred to in subsection (2) of this section and any map or plan contained in or attached to a notice under this section may be omitted from the copy of the notice posted under subsection (3) of this section, but a copy of the estimate and of the map or plan shall be deposited in the offices of the local authority giving the notice and shall there be made available for inspection at reasonable times.