Derelict Sites Act, 1961


1.—In this Act—

“local authority” means a council of a county, a corporation of a county or other borough or council of an urban district;

“the Minister” means the Minister for Local Government;

“owner” means any person (other than a mortgagee not in possession) who is for the time being entitled to sell or otherwise dispose of the fee simple of the land in relation to which the said word is used or of any term of years for the time being subsisting in respect of the land of which the unexpired residue exceeds one year;

“derelict site” means any land—

(a) (i) on which either there are no buildings or all the buildings (other than sheds, huts and other temporary structures) are in a ruinous, dilapidated or dangerous condition and none of the buildings is being used as a dwelling, and

(ii) which is or is likely to become injurious to health or to the amenities of the neighbourhood by reason of its objectionable or neglected condition or by reason of the deposit or collection thereon of debris, rubbish or insanitary material, or

(b) consisting of—

(i) buildings (which are not being used as dwellings) and the sites thereof, means of access thereto and any yards and gardens attached thereto, or

(ii) walls (and the sites thereof),

which are in a ruinous, dilapidated or dangerous condition;

“prescribed” means prescribed by regulations made by the Minister under this Act.