Electricity (Supply) (Amendment) Act, 1961

Power of Minister for Lands to direct the Board to demise or let certain fisheries and fishing rights.

6.—(1) Subject to subsection (3) of this section, the Minister for Lands may, whenever, in the interests of the preservation, management or conduct of the fisheries and fishing rights vested in the Board, he so thinks proper, direct the Board to demise by way of lease or let by way of licence to such person (being a person who has indicated to the Minister for Lands that he consents to the making to him of the demise or letting, as the case may be), for such term and on such terms and conditions as the Minister for Lands may direct any fishery or fishing right vested in the Board.

(2) The Board shall and are hereby empowered to carry out any direction given by the Minister for Lands under this section.

(3) This section shall not apply in respect of any fishery or fishing right in relation to salmon, eels or oysters.

(4) Neither paragraph (f) of subsection (2) nor subsection (3) of section 9 of the Act of 1935 shall apply in relation to the making of a demise or letting pursuant to a direction under this section or of an agreement for any such demise or letting.