S.I. No. 125/1960 - Pier At Clogherhead in The County of Louth Bye-Laws.

S.I. No. 125 of 1960.


I, ERSKINE H. CHILDERS, Minister for Transport and Power, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by Section 70 of the Sea Fisheries (Ireland) Act, 1846, by virtue of Section 1 of the Ministry of Transport Act, 1919, Section 11 of the Adaptation of Enactments Act, 1922 (No. 2 of 1922), and the Transport, Fuel and Power (Transfer of Departmental Administration and Ministerial Functions) Order, 1959 ( S.I. No. 125 of 1959 ), hereby make the following bye-laws :

1. These Bye-laws shall come into operation on the 29th day of June, 1960.

2. Fishing boats and vessels of every description engaged in the fisheries shall, at all times, be entitled to a preference of berths and moorings at the quays.

3. No boat or vessel shall be made fast to coping stones or other parts of the quays or works of the harbour, nor have grapnels or stakes on the quays, but all boats and vessels shall make fast to the rings or moorings provided for that purpose by the Louth County Council.

4. No boat or vessel shall be made fast to any ring, mooring or bollard by means of wire rope or chain so as to be a cause of damage to any other boat or vessel.

5. No rope, warp or chain shall be left fast to any ring, mooring or bollard without the permission of the Harbour Constable. After any boat or vessel has been unmoored any rope, warp or chain so left without such permission as aforesaid may be removed by the Harbour Constable.

6. No person shall discharge, throw or put any ballast, stones, gravel, earth, sand, dust, ashes or rubbish of any description into the Harbour or within 400 yards thereof, nor leave any timber or other matter or things in or about the said Harbour, so as to injure, or in any way impede the free access to or egress from such Harbour.

7. No person shall disturb, remove or injure or cause to be disturbed, removed or injured, any coping, paving or other stones or any post, noticeboard or rings or other parts of or matters belonging to the harbour works, and no person shall dig or take away any ballast, shingle, stone or other material from within or around the harbour,without the leave of the Harbour Constable first being obtained. No person shall improperly interfere with any crane hoist or boom or other equipment provided by the Louth County Council for use in connection with the harbour works.

8. No ballast, stones, sand, mud, manure or other matter or thing landed or deposited on the quays or any part thereof shall be allowed to remain longer than 72 hours thereon, or be placed within 6 feet of the edge of the quay.

9. No person shall deposit or leave cinders, road scrapings, ashes or other rubbish, or fish refuse, offal, or any offensive matter likely to create a nuisance or be injurious to the public health upon the quays or the approaches thereto.

10. Fish landed or exposed for sale must be removed from within the limits of the said harbour on the day of landing, if practicable, and, if not, before 8 o'clock on the following morning, and no person shall open or clean any fish at any place within the limits of the said harbour.

11. Except with the previous sanction of the Harbour Constable no explosive or combustible commodity, petroleum, putrid fish, bones or other offensive articles or things, or anything injurious to health, or causing or likely to cause a nuisance within the harbour, shall be imported into or exported from or brought into the harbour or landed on the quays or any part of the works.

12. All yawls or small boats which shall be hauled up, shall be placed in the respective berths assigned to them by the Harbour Constable, and must not on any account be left on the slip or quays.

13. Every person in charge of any boat, ship, lighter, or barge frequenting the said quays, shall moor the same in such place as shall be directed by the Harbour Constable. If there be no person on board such boat, ship, lighter or vessel, as aforesaid, to attend to such directions, the Harbour Constable may cause such boat, ship, lighter or vessel as aforesaid to be moored, unmoored, placed or removed as he thinks fit and the expenses incurred by the Harbour Constable in mooring, unmooring, placing or removing such boat, ship, lighter or barge, shall be borne by the person in charge of such boat, ship, lighter or barge.

14. No person shall cut or destroy the moorings or fastening of any boat or vessel, or loosen or remove either from its moorings without the leave or authority of the owner thereof.

15. No person shall assault or obstruct the Harbour Constable, or any person employed by him, in the execution of his duty, or aid or incite others thereto.

16. If any fishing boat or vessel is left unattended for a period of six calendar months and has not been engaged in the fisheries at any time during such period, the Harbour Constable may have such fishing boat or vessel hauled out and left at any place within the limits of the harbour works and the expenses incurred by the Harbour Constable in hauling out and leaving such fishing boat or vessel shall be borne by the owner thereof.

17. No person shall erect or cause to be erected or build or cause to be built any structure or lay or cause to be laid any pipe on or under a quay or pier within the limits of the harbour works without the permission of the Louth County Council being first had and obtained.

18. A person who contravenes any of these Bye-laws shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding £5.

19. The Bye-laws made by the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, which were approved and confirmed by the Lord Lieutenant on 23rd December, 1891, are hereby repealed.

GIVEN under my Official Seal, this 15th day of June, 1960.


Minister for Transport and Power.


The effect of this Instrument is to make new Bye-laws for Clogherhead Pier.