Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959

Payment by instalments of ordinary licence duties on draft nets and drift nets.


(a) not later than the first day of the open season for fishing with engines other than rod and line in any year for a fishery district, an application is made to the board of conservators for such fishery district for a licence to fish for salmon with a draft net or a drift net, and

(b) the applicant tenders with his application one moiety of the licence duty payable in respect of such licence,

the following provisions shall have effect—

(i) such board of conservators shall issue such licence to the applicant subject however to the condition (which shall be endorsed on such licence) that the balance of the said licence duty shall be paid not later than the thirtieth day after the first day of such open season,

(ii) if such condition is not complied with such licence shall on and after the expiration of the said thirtieth day cease to be in force.