Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959

Agents for issue of ordinary fishing licences.

70.—(1) The board of conservators for a fishery district may appoint such and so many persons as it thinks fit to be agents of the board for the issue of ordinary fishing licences, and every person so appointed by a board of conservators shall be an authorised agent of that board for that purpose.

(2) The board of conservators shall take from every person who is an authorised agent of such board adequate security for duly accounting for any licence duty paid to him and for the due performance of his duty, and the cost of any allowance to be made for the issue of licences shall be part of the expenses of such board of conservators.

(3) Every authorised agent of a board of conservators shall furnish to such board of conservators an account of all licence duties received by him monthly or as often as it may require and shall set out in such account—

(a) the sums received by him for licences for each particular engine for taking fish, and

(b) the names and residences of the persons to whom licences were issued, and

(c) the electoral division for which each such licence was issued.