Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959

Amendment of fishery rates.

57.—(1) Where a fishery rate on a fishery has been struck under section 55 in a particular fishery year, the board of conservators in whose fishery district the fishery is situate may, but not later than the expiration of the next following fishery year, make such amendments in the rate as are necessary to correct occupiers' names, misdescriptions and clerical, arithmetical and other errors therein.

(2) Whenever a board of conservators propose to make an amendment of a rate on a fishery under this section—

(a) the board of conservators shall serve by post notice of the proposed amendment on any person who is the occupier of the fishery,

(b) the notice shall contain an intimation that written objections to the proposed amendment may be sent to the board of conservators within seven days after the posting of the notice,

(c) before making the proposed amendment, the board of conservators shall consider the objections (if any) received as the result of the notice.

(3) A board of conservators shall make such refunds or give such credits (as the case may require) in respect of fishery rate and shall be entitled to make such recoveries of fishery rates as may be from time to time appropriate in consequence of any amendment under this section.