Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959

Provisions in relation to oyster fishing licences.

278.—(1) Boards of conservators shall, in accordance with this section, issue licences (in this Act referred to as oyster fishing licences) in respect of oyster fishing engines.

(2) The period for which oyster fishing licences are to be issued shall be one year.

(3) An oyster fishing licence shall be valid and in force for the year specified in that behalf in the licence.

(4) A separate oyster fishing licence shall be issued for each separate oyster fishing engine.

(5) Every oyster fishing licence issued by the board of conservators for a fishery district shall—

(a) be in such form as the Minister may direct,

(b) state thereon—

(i) the year for which it is to be valid and in force,

(ii) the number or name of that fishery district,

(iii) the electoral division (being an electoral division of such fishery district) in which it is issued,

(iv) the oyster fishing engine to which it relates,

(v) the name of the person to whom it is issued,

(c) be sealed with the seal of such board of conservators.

(6) An oyster fishing licence shall be available for use in the fishery district of the board of conservators by which it was issued and in no other fishery district.

(7) Every oyster fishing licence shall operate to authorise, during the year specified therein and in the fishery district specified therein, the use of the oyster fishing engine specified therein, but subject to the provisions of the Acts and any instrument made thereunder.