Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959

Revocation of oyster bed licences.

251.—(1) If it appears to the Minister that the licensee under any oyster bed licence or his assigns within the period of three years from the date of the licence has not taken steps proper in the opinion of the Minister to form the oyster bed in such licence mentioned, the Minister may by order revoke such licence.

(2) The Minister shall, before making an order under this section revoking an oyster bed licence, cause notice in writing of his intention to make such order to be served on the person for the time being entitled to such licence or, if such person cannot be found, shall cause such notice to be inserted as an advertisement three times at least in some newspaper circulating in the district in which the oyster bed mentioned in such licence is situate, and no such order shall be made until after the expiration of one month from the service of such notice or from the date of the last of such advertisements.