Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959

Inquiry into application for an oyster bed licence.

247.—Where an application is made to the Minister for an oyster bed licence authorising the planting or laying of an oyster bed in a particular site—

(a) the Minister shall cause a public inquiry to be held as to the expediency of granting the application and so fix the time as to permit of notice being given of the inquiry and the place in the locality of the said site for holding the said inquiry,

(b) the Minister shall cause to be given, in accordance with section 322, notice (which shall specify the reception by him of the application) of the time and place of such inquiry,

(c) the Minister shall appoint an officer of the Minister to hold such inquiry,

(d) the Minister shall take no decision on the application until he has considered the report of the said officer.