Fisheries (Consolidation) Act, 1959

Number of conservators for electoral divisions.

23.—(1) Subject to an order under subsection (2) of this section, the number of conservators for each electoral division, the name whereof is mentioned in column (5) of the Second Schedule to this Act shall be the number set out in column (7) of the said Schedule opposite the mention of that electoral division.

(2) (a) The Minister may, whenever and so often as he thinks proper, by order alter the number of conservators for any electoral division, but the number of such conservators shall not by any such order be increased to more than nine or reduced to less than three.

(b) Every order made under this subsection in respect of an electoral division shall come into operation at the triennial election of conservators for that electoral division held next after the date of the order.

(c) This subsection shall not apply to the two tidal electoral divisions of the No. 8 or Limerick District.