Prices Act, 1958

Provisions in relation to orders.

18.—An order made by the Minister under any of the foregoing provisions of this Part may—

(a) define a commodity or service in such manner as the Minister thinks fit,

(b) define the conditions by reference to which a maximum price or charge is fixed, and fix different maximum prices or charges in relation to different conditions,

(c) relate to the whole State or to a particular area in the State,

(d) fix a maximum price or charge by specifying it or by setting out provisions by means of which it may be ascertained,

(e) contain all such incidental or ancillary provisions (including a requirement that the commodity to which the order relates shall be sold only in specified units of weight or measure) as shall appear to the Minister to be necessary or expedient for giving full effect to any provision inserted in the order under the powers conferred on him by this Act or to secure compliance with the order.