Agriculture (Amendment) Act, 1958

Travelling, etc., expenses.

7.—Subsection (3) of section 3 of the Agriculture (Amendment) Act, 1948 (No. 24 of 1948), shall have effect subject to the following amendments:

(i) “one mile” shall be substituted in paragraph (a) for “three miles”;

(ii) the following subparagraphs shall be added to paragraph (a):


(i) a member of a committee of agriculture or of an approved subcommittee of such committee of agriculture attends a meeting of the committee or subcommittee at a place less than five miles by any route from his ordinary place of residence and is obliged by reason of such attendance to remain away from his home for a continuous period of not less than three hours,


(ii) a resolution by the committee deciding that this subparagraph is to apply in relation to the committee or subcommittee is for the time being in force,

the committee shall pay to the member in relation to the meeting an inclusive allowance (not exceeding an amount specified by rules which the Minister is hereby authorised to make) in respect of travelling expenses and subsistence, and such allowance shall, in the case in which, apart from this subparagraph, an allowance would be payable under the first subparagraph of this paragraph, be in lieu of, and not in addition to, that allowance.

A resolution under the second subparagraph of this paragraph may be revoked at any time by another resolution of the committee concerned.”;

(iii) “or that subsection as amended by subsection (1) of section 67 of the Local Government Act, 1955 (No. 9 of 1955),” shall be inserted in paragraph (c) after “subsection (7) of the said section 67”.