Greyhound Industry Act, 1958

Greyhound race track licences.

22.—(1) The Board may grant or, subject to subsections (2) and (3) of this section, refuse to grant an application for a licence to operate a greyhound race track (in this Act referred to as a greyhound race track licence).

(2) Where—

(a) an application for a greyhound race track licence is made in respect of a greyhound race track which was affiliated to the Club in the year 1957, and

(b) the application is not made after a greyhound race track licence previously granted in respect of that track has been revoked,

the application shall be granted.

(3) Where the Board proposes to refuse an application for a greyhound race track licence, the Board shall serve notice of the proposal on the applicant and shall, if any representations are made in writing by the applicant within seven days, consider the representations.

(4) Where an individual who is the licensee under a greyhound race track licence dies, the licence shall devolve upon the legal personal representative of the individual as part of his personal estate and the legal personal representative shall become and be for all purposes the licensee under the licence.

(5) Where the greyhound race track to which a greyhound race track licence relates has been transferred to or becomes vested in a person other than the licensee under the licence, the Board may, if it so thinks fit, on the application of the licensee or the legal personal representative or the liquidator of the licensee, transfer the licence to the person to or in whom the greyhound race track has been transferred or become vested.