Gaeltacht Industries Act, 1957

Officers and servants of the Board.

15.—(1) The Board shall appoint such and so many persons to be officers and servants of the Board as the Board from time to time thinks proper.

(2) A person (not being a person specified in section 22 of this Act or a person who, on the establishment day, is carrying out duties in relation to the rural industries) who does not possess such knowledge of the Irish language as will enable him to use that language in the performance of his official duties shall not be appointed to be an officer or servant of the Board under this section if a person who possesses such knowledge as aforesaid and is otherwise suitable for appointment is available for appointment.

(3) An officer or servant of the Board shall hold his office or employment on such terms and conditions as the Board from time to time determines.

(4) There shall be paid by the Board to its officers and servants out of funds at its disposal such remuneration and allowances as the Board determines.

(5) The Board may at any time remove any officer or servant of the Board from being its officer or servant.