Army Pensions Act, 1957

Gratuities to relatives of certain deceased persons.

37.—(1) Where a person who had been in receipt of a pension or an allowance (including a special allowance) under the Acts dies after the termination of the last award and before a new award had been made and where a new award would have been made but for the death of such person, the Minister may pay, in respect of such person a gratuity equal to the amount of the pension or allowance which would, at such person's death, have accrued due on foot of the new award.

(2) Where a gratuity in respect of any person may be paid under subsection (1) of this section, such gratuity shall (if granted) be paid—

(a) if such person leaves only one relative, to such relative,

(b) if such person leaves two or more relatives, to such one or more, exclusively of the others or other, of the said relatives as the Minister may appoint, and if such power is exercised in favour of more than one of them, in such shares as the Minister may appoint.

(3) For the purposes of this section, each of the following and no other persons shall be a relative of a deceased person—

(a) his widow,

(b) his son,

(c) his daughter,

(d) his mother,

(e) his father,

(f) his brother,

(g) his sister.

(4) section 12 of the Act of 1949 and section 44 of the Act of 1953 are hereby repealed.

(5) The preceding subsections of this section shall be deemed to have come into operation on and shall have effect on and from the 1st day of November, 1955.