Dairy Produce (Price Stabilisation) (Amendment) Act, 1956

Restriction on sale of butter in specified area, etc.

4.—(1) The Minister may by regulations, made in respect of a specified area, provide that a person (other than an authorised body) shall not—

(a) sell in that area any butter to which this section applies,

(b) acquire any such butter for the purpose of selling it in that area,

(c) supply any such butter for the purpose of its being sold in that area, or

(d) supply any such butter to the proprietor of a catering establishment situate in that area or the head of an institution so situate,

unless the butter was supplied to him by an authorised body or by a person who obtained it from an authorised body.

(2) In this section—

“butter to which this section applies” means any butter which is—

(a) creamery butter, or

(b) imported butter;

“authorised body” means a central marketing organisation operating under rules approved by the Minister under the Principal Act;

“catering establishment” means a restaurant, hotel, boarding house, guest house, lodging house, café, tea-room, canteen or club;

“institution” means a hospital, sanatorium, convalescent home, nursing home, school, college, convent, monastery, or any similar institution.