Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act, 1956

Acquisition of citizenship on marriage.

8.—(1) A woman who is an alien at the date of her marriage to a person who is an Irish citizen (otherwise than by naturalisation) shall not become an Irish citizen merely by virtue of her marriage, but may do so by lodging a declaration in the prescribed manner with the Minister, or with any Irish diplomatic mission or consular office, either before or at any time after the marriage accepting Irish citizenship as her post-nuptial citizenship.

(2) A woman who lodges a declaration under subsection (1) shall be an Irish citizen from the date of her marriage, if the declaration was lodged before the marriage, or if lodged thereafter, then from the date of lodgment.

(3) A woman who, before the passing of this Act, married a person who was an Irish citizen (otherwise than by naturalisation) and became a naturalised Irish citizen shall be deemed to have lodged a declaration under subsection (1) on the passing of this Act and thereafter shall be an Irish citizen by virtue thereof and not by naturalisation.