Oil Pollution of the Sea Act, 1956


Enforcement and Penalties.

Enforcement of Convention as to keeping of oil records.

19.—(1) The Minister, if satisfied—

(a) that the government of any country has accepted or denounced the Convention of 1954 or any subsequent Convention, or

(b) that any such Convention extends, or has ceased to extend, to any territory,

may by order so declare.

(2) In this section “ship to which the Convention applies” means a ship registered in—

(a) a country the government of which has been declared to have accepted the Convention of 1954 or any subsequent Convention and has not been subsequently declared to have denounced it, or

(b) a territory to which any such Convention has been declared to extend and to which it has not been subsequently declared to have ceased to extend.

(3) A surveyor of ships or any person empowered by warrant of the Minister may go on board any ship to which the Convention applies, while she is within a harbour in the State, may inspect the oil record book required by the Convention to be carried in the ship and may make a true copy of any entry in the book and require the master of the ship to certify that it is a true copy.

(4) Any person who impedes a surveyor of ships or other person in the exercise of his functions under this section, or who, on being so required, fails to produce the oil record book for inspection or to certify a copy of an entry shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on summary conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds.

(5) A person exercising functions under this section shall not unnecessarily detain or delay the vessel from proceeding on her voyage.